Ground Breaking Advancements in the Hosting Industry



As Technology Evolves, Hosting Advancements Follow
The hosting industry is affected very heavily by technology and its ever-evolving pursuits. When technology evolves, hosting advancements necessarily follow. Several of these hosting advancements include:

  • Consumer Personalization
  • More complex environments in cloud computing
  • Real-time business continuity solutions
  • Composite apps that draw multiple business functions together
  • Video and audio hosting
  • Web conferencing and webinars
  • Virtualization

Consumer Personalization

personal-260581_1280In the hosting industry, consumer personalization has grown out of the realization that consumers are not specifically adverse to personalized software applications, as once they might have been. Today, consumers look for personalization of software applications and computer protocols. For the hosting industry, this equates to creating a reliable consumer base from which hosting businesses can grow.

More Complex Environments in Cloud Computing

photography-731891_1280Less than a decade ago, cloud computing applications were unknown to most users. The hosting industry has emerged as the singular source for ground breaking advancements. Some of these advancements have sought to reduce the complexities of cloud computing to make hosting and user interface less complex. This includes advancements in: databases like NoSQl and relational, hardware configurations like disk, CPU, Hadoop clusters, memory controllers and message passing mechanisms and others. With technological advancements highlighting interface between cloud computing and social media devices, the hosting industry finds greater leverage to continue research and development of cloud computing techniques. Hosts have an opportunity to further define whether the cloud computing environment can provide maximum security for users.

Real-time Business Continuity Solutions

write-593333_1280For the hosting industry, real-time business continuity solutions is focused mainly on managed, dedicated hosting for small to large businesses. Today’s hosts find ground breaking advancements in the ability to acquire “tenants” for their sites through fully managed configurations, integration and rapidly deployed servers. Customers seeking hosting services are more knowledgeable about their business needs. As such, they require continuity solutions that are timely, efficient and cost-effective with a host like Dynadot and GoDaddy.

Hosts are expected to build cloud road maps, choose the correct cloud infrastructure and offer maximum cloud security. For hosts, this means continuously staying abreast of IT, changes to browser algorithms, bulk domain management, server cluster protocols, networking nodes, as well as disaster recovery initiatives.

Composite Apps Draw Multiple Business Functions Together

imac-606765_1280For many in the hosting industry, composite apps have created groundbreaking advancements. When software applications combine to form multiple functions, hosts can develop new application logic to meet their hosting needs. Standard composition apps like SOA or WS-CAF are web service standards related to composite applications. Another hosting advancement occurs in Mashup, a web application that utilizes content from multiple sources that give birth to an entirely new web service.