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Can Sarms Improve Your Body Building Effort?

If youre a body builder, you need to follow the right training program and diet. There are also some supplements that are designed to improve your energy levels and body mass. However, not all body building supplements are the same. Selective androgen receptor modulators or SARMs are quite popular among body builders.

According to the World Anti-doping Agency, one tenth of athletes in the world use SARMs. Its a safer alternative to anabolic steroids that cause various side effects such as damage to kidney and liver, and lower libido levels.

Benefits of SARMS

Steroids increase the levels of testosterone in the body, which improves protein synthesis in the cells and helps you burn fat and build muscles. However, steroids interact with the liver, sex organs, prostate, heart and your secondary sex characteristics due to their 1:1 anabolic-to-androgenic ratio.

Taking bioidentical testosterone with your doctors supervision can help you maintain good hormone levels. Those who fail to do so may experience several changes in their body aside from improving their muscle mass. Women may suffer from clitoral enlargement, while men may experience ball shrinkage.

The anabolic-to-androgenic ratio of SARMs starts at 3:1. It will help you lose fat, build more muscle and increase bone density without turning you into a bearded lady or giving you man boobs. SARMS can be taken orally. If youre planning to join a body building competition, its best that you dont take SARMs because its banned by the World Anti-doping Agency.

What Can You Do to Improve Your Body Building Results?

Building a great body is not an easy task. Some people treat body building as a hobby, while others treat it as a lifestyle. Setting realistic goals will help you achieve your dream body.  You need to be disciplined, consistent and motivated to get what you want. Equipping yourself with proper knowledge about body building will clear self-manipulating doubts that hinder your success.

There are magazines and websites that are dedicated to body building. Keeping track of everything that you do, including your weight and diet can help you see your progress. Most people would not remember what they ate a few days back, so keeping a journal will make it easier for you to keep track of what youre eating.

Once you start working out, you should remain steady and not stress over the results. You wont achieve your dream body within a month, so balance your workouts and dont forget to rest. This will allow the muscles to repair themselves and restore your energy as well.

How Do You Build Muscle Mass?

This week I received remarkably many questions about muscle mass. Not only of the new boys in the gym, but also of men who have not achieved so much progress. However, an answer to this question is not that simple. You can easily answer with more food, more training and more rest. But what should you eat? How much do you have to eat? How should you train? And so on. About 2 years ago the “so build your muscle mass” series was a very popular topic on the site. However, you must search to read all articles. You do not have to search well, but you do. That is why I have pasted all articles together to give you a global overview of how to build muscle mass. Here it comes-

Get stronger

More strength is more muscle mass. Example: You have to activate more muscles in order to be able to press 100 pounds than an empty rod. So start with strength training. Start with a light weight to get the technique under control and from then on you can add endless weight! What a great sport is not it ?! Actually, it is not possible, because you have to give your body a new stimulus every time to keep growing. If you repeatedly do 10 repetitions with the same weight, training in, training off, your body will not respond to it. You can also start with bodyweight exercises such as squats, pull ups and prints. However, once you can do more than 12 good repetitions, it will also be time to add weight!

Do compound exercises

Compound exercises are exercises that make a movement over more than 1 joint. Compare, for example, bench presses with the fly. With bench press you make both a movement in your shoulder joint and in your elbow joint. With a fly your arm is constantly in one and the same angle and you only move around your shoulder joint. In conjoint exercises you also use more muscle groups at the same time than with an isolation exercise. Same example as above. With bench press you use not only chest, but also triceps and shoulders. With the fly you only pick up your chest muscle. When you start training to increase your muscle mass, it is wise to address as many muscle groups as possible at the same time. You can only isolate and refine if you have muscles somewhere!

Eat proteins

The proteins are important muscle building material. You need about 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight to maintain your muscles. This means that you need around 160 grams of protein when weighing 72 kilos. This is a fairly rough estimate, but it is the way you have to do with proteins. Better something too much than too little. Try to get at least 1.8 grams per kilogram of body weight per day.

This is the overview to get more muscle mass. Hopefully you have become a bit wiser and perhaps even adjusted your previous routine here and there. It is a big guideline for muscle building, so remember that your own body responds to it in its own way. So what works best for your best friend or training partner does not have to work just like that for you. Try everything to find out in the course of time (years) what works best for you.