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Eye Shadow Techniques: Corrective Eye Makeup Designs

LOréal One Sweep Eye Shadow: Good Beginner Eye Makeup Kit A professional makeup artist would turn up her nose up at LOréal One Sweep, but its a great way for the absolute amateur to start experimenting with eye makeup designs and variations of contrasting and complementary colours.

LOréal One Sweep Eye Shadow sets make it super-easy for a beginner to get started on learning how to apply a simple 3-shade eye makeup design. The sets include highlighter, crease colour, and lid shadow in a single block. A large, rather strange-looking sponge applicator comes with the product. Simply swipe the applicator across the block of three shadows, and then sweep it right over the eye area.

This produces a simple 3-shade eye design without having to choose shades or worry about application technique (youll still have to blend a bit with a brush or cotton swab, though). If a more complicated design is desired, just apply the other shadows right over the pre-prepared pattern.

The colours are pretty good, and the sets come coordinated in shades for blue, brown, and green eyes; though you may of course mix and match these depending on what shades look best on you. There are also LOréal One Sweep shadow collections for All Eyes, which contain some fairly nice neutrals. LOréal One Sweep Eye Shadow is available in two different styles as well: Playful for evening or special social occasions, and Natural for everyday wear.